Wind Regions

Why you should check your locations Wind Rating?

Prior to purchasing any structure it's prudent to check the wind rating of your location to ensure that the product you are wanting to purchase is suitable for that particular location.

What is the Wind Rating?

It’s a Wind Classification allocated to a particular area based on the geographic region, shielding factor, topography effect and terrain category. Wind Ratings differ from location to location; the Wind Rating at coastal locations will be far different to that of interior locations which are hundreds of kilometres from the coastline.

How do I check the Wind Rating for my location?. 

Refer to the Wind Rating map below and also ask your local authority/council and they can provide you with the correct Wind Rating for that location.

What difference does it make?

You’ll need to know you Wind Rating to ensure you get a suitable structure for your local conditions. As an example a structure for Townsville will require a cyclone kit to ensure it is strong enough for the prevailing conditions. A cyclone kit provides additional reinforcing for the structure.

Wind Rating Map – Australia

The above diagram portrays the approximate Wind Rating areas across Australia with winds being categorised as follows.

Region A  Normal

Region B  Intermediate

Region C  Tropical Cyclones

Region D  Severe Tropical Cyclones