Each product is covered by a personal use warranty of varying periods, depending on product type.

You will be entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced at the discretion of the supplier if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality. Cost of claiming the warranty, including any freight, will be by the claimant.


The warranty is eligible only to the original purchaser/owner of the shed or carport as registered within 14 days from

the date of purchase and is not transferable.

  • The warranty is valid for Australia only.
  • The warranty is subject to location and local environmental conditions outlined in the warranty exclusions below.

Register Your Warranty

To register your warranty, please retain your proof of purchase for the lifetime of the warranty. You will also need to

obtain/retain the following:

  1. a clear image of the product completely assembled
  2. a clear image depicting the foundation the product is sitting upon
  3. a clear image depicting how the product is secured to the ground
  4. your name, contact details and address the shed/carport is located

To register, email the above requirements to jagartrading@hotmail.com

Warranty Coverage

All sheds and carports are covered by the warranty and limited to the following specific cover.

  1. Frame materials will not bend, bow, split, fracture, rupture.
  2. Coloured panel materials will not flake, peel or blister.

Please note the warranty does not apply to any accessory items such as fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, brackets, support pieces or any other component other than the frame and sheets.

Warranty Conditions & Limitations

The warranty is subject to the following conditions and limitations.

1. Warranty does not apply to surface deterioration caused specifically by:
  • Swarf that has not been removed properly during the assembly process.
  • As a result of contact with soil, ash, moisture retaining substances, chemicals, fertilisers, copper, lead or other metals, corrosive substances or chemical agents
  • White rust
  • Salt water carried and deposited by winds
  • Fading of colour due to normal wear, tear and UV exposure

2. Warranty does not cover you for any loss or damage, wholly or partly caused by an event such as storms, wind, rain, hail, snow or any other adverse environmental event or including without limitation, acts of God.

3. Warranty only applies if the shed or carport is used solely for domestic purposes and installation is in accordance with the instruction manual and assembled by a qualified shed/carport builder.

4. Warranty does not apply if the shed or carport is installed or located in:

  • Ocean/surf locations (typically defined as within 1km from coastal or tidal locations),
  • Severe industrial locations
  • Unusually corrosive environments such as geothermal/sulphuric conditions for example

5. Warranty does not cover any damage to the shed or carport as a result of:

  • Any impact
  • Poor or unlevel foundations
  • Modifications
  • Build-up of debris on or in roof or walls or frame
  • Poor assembly and/or construction
  • Accidental or intentional physical damage to the coating
  • Not maintaining the surfaces as described in the Product Maintenance section
  • Incorrect or poor anchoring to the surface
  • Mishandling, misuse, incorrect assembly as per instructions, accidental damage or collision.

6. The warranty will be void if the shed or carport has been reassembled a second time.

7. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of components and specifically excludes any labour,
installation, freight and removal/disposal costs.

8. The warranty does not cover any damage to property, injury to persons, loss of any income or any other indirect or consequential loss that is caused by or has arisen in any way by the defective shed or carport.

9. Warranty applies to the exclusions of all other representations, guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied unless otherwise required by applicable legislation. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian consumer law. This warranty is in addition to other rights and remedies of the customer under law.

10. Your warranty request and supporting documentation must be completed and lodged within 14 days of the date of purchase.

    Warranty Claims

    All warranty claims should be made in writing sent directly to:


    Claims must include:

    1. a) Original proof of purchase documentation
    2. b) Relevant contact information
    3. c) Product model
    4. d) Photographic evidence
    5. e) Description of the damage

    Product Maintenance

    Ensure your shed or carport is kept in good condition by regularly cleaning the surfaces. We recommend that the

    surfaces are cleaned as regularly as you would clean your car to maintain its paint. In coastal or industrial

    environments the shed or carport should be cleaned more often. Frequent maintenance is necessary to prevent

    dust, salts, pollutants and any grime or debris gathering on the surfaces and decreasing its life. It is recommended

    that the surfaces be cleaned using a pH neutral detergent together with a soft bristled nylon broom or brush. Always

    rinse the surfaces thoroughly with clean potable water. Never use high pressure water blasters or solvent, acid or

    abrasive based cleaners. If white rust appears the surface should be cleaned immediately using white vinegar and a

    stiff nylon brush then rinsed thoroughly with potable water. If any white rust remains clean with a generous amount

    of methylated spirits on a rag and wipe over thoroughly. If any red rust appears the rust should be removed using

    white vinegar and a wire brush. Once removed, rinse with potable water and dry thoroughly. Once dry apply a zinc

    rich primer followed by a quality cold galvanising paint. Always use the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    before undertaking any maintenance tasks. Always refer to product labels and Technical Data Sheets before using