Do the products need to go on a concrete slab?

No, not necessarily. Depending on the type of structure they can go straight on the ground or even
onto a timber base. We also offer a range of different anchors to anchor the structure to the ground.

Can the structures be customised to a different size?

No, all of the products are standard sizes (length x width) however certain products can be joined
together to make them longer and wider.

Can the structures be made higher?

Most of the flat roof and gable roof carports are available in two different heights. The shelters can
be made up to 600mm higher by adding a height extender kit. The sheds and workshops are
standard heights and cannot have the height increased.

What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is up to 15 years depending on the product chosen.

Where can you deliver to?

We can deliver across Australia at very competitive rates. Contact our office and we will provide you
with a fixed delivery quote either directly to your home or business or to a third-party depot from
where you can collect.

Is council approval required?

It depends on your location and many other factors. The property owner is responsible for
ascertaining whether a building permit is required, in most cases, this is based on the size and type
of the structure. For example, the shelters are deemed to be a transportable structure which can be
relocated therefore may not require an approval.

Are the products wind rated?

Yes, all products are rated for A and B wind regions. If you are located is in a cyclone rated region
then we can provide cyclone rated products that are suitable for all areas throughout Australia.